AEP modernizes its supply chain for the best product availability

Wysupp is PRIME in this project which means that is responsible for the effective implementation of the RELEX solution.

AEP makes its trade planning fit for the future with RELEX and offers its customers optimal goods availability thanks to high forecast accuracy and efficient scheduling.

The German pharmaceutical wholesaler AEP is optimizing its core supply chain planning processes with RELEX, including sales forecasting, campaign forecasting, and replenishment. The RELEX solution is deployed in AEP's central warehouse and drives automation, increases forecasting accuracy and increases product availability and inventory visibility across the supply chain.

AEP supplies over 5,500 customer pharmacies across Germany from its central warehouse. Previously, the pharmaceutical wholesaler's sales forecasting was characterized by manual effort. However, the company recognized the need to modernize and automate its supply chain and started looking for trade planning software.

The RELEX system particularly impressed AEP because of its AI-driven sales forecasts and automatic scheduling performance, which allow the wholesaler to take seasonalizes, product expiry dates and promotions into account in its planning. Another very valuable capability for the company is the product lifecycle management in RELEX: based on product attributes, the system automatically selects reference products, saving manual planning work when introducing new products or discontinuing products that are nearing the end of their lifecycle.

The ability to make predictive investment purchases in the software was also a compelling argument for AEP. Before price increases by suppliers or during discount periods, the system suggests investment purchases, therefore ensuring the wholesaler the most favorable purchase price.

"The introduction of this software enables AEP to respond even better to customer wishes and to optimize the entire supply chain," explains Dr. Heike Brockmann, CEO of AEP.

For Daniel Becker, Head of Purchasing, the focus is on improving forecasting accuracy, more efficient merchandise planning and availability: "For this, RELEX provides us with the perfect modules to optimally design availability for our customers together with our supplier partners."

"We are honored by the trust that AEP has placed in us, and we look forward to a successful collaboration. RELEX has become a true center of excellence for supply chain planning in pharmaceutical wholesale, as evidenced by our growing customer base in this segment," said Frank Lord, Chief Revenue Officer at RELEX Solutions.


Based on RELEX Solutions Press Release
Wysupp is proud to be RELEX's global partner

28 March 2022