What we do

Value orientation in trade means the efficient interlinking of the flow of information, goods, and merchandise. Our projects turn your company into an agile, leaning organization that anticipates changes in customer needs and adapts processes and outputs individually to customer cycles.
We also involve your suppliers in this process because your company’s logistics can only deliver top performance if improvements are effective throughout the entire supply chain.

Optimized system

We create a complete optimized system consisting of demand forecasting, price optimization, space allocation, replenishment and allocation control and staff deployment planning. The results are value-adding work processes without waste and a logistics structure that makes effective use of space and personnel capacities. The right product is delivered in the desired quantity at the planned time in the quality that best meets your customer’s requirements.

Our services

With a specialized focused knowledge in supply chain and optimization, our portfolio of services covers

End-to-end Implementation services alongside with mature processes and methodologies

Business and functional consulting services

Integration and data migration services approached with a functional perspective

Support services