About Us

Wysupp was founded in October 2020 with its headquarter in Porto, Portugal.

We strive to be a global leader system integrator specialized in retail and supply chain optimization.
Our goal is to deliver measurable value to our customers and partners, through our extended business knowledge and implementation maturity.

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What we do

Value orientation in trade means the efficient interlinking of the flow of information, goods, and merchandise. Our projects turn your company into an agile, leaning organization that anticipates changes in customer needs and adapts processes and outputs individually to customer cycles.

We are looking for people that are passionate for what they do and are willing to embrace new challenges - You!
We know there is a perfect match between your talent and commitment, and our goal to deliver measurable value to our customers and partners.
Take a look at the available positions, and let’s stay in touch!

We are happy to be a global partner for Relex!

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Together with RELEX, Wysupp supports retail strategies with a focus on cost efficiency and return on sales. We optimize the delivery processes of our customers and support them in making the right strategic and operational decisions.


In March 2022, Wysupp was elected RELEX's partner of the year! We couldn't be more proud.