Wysupp will support Titán's team during the transition of using primarily manual process for forecasting and replenishment.

Wysupp  is PRIME in this project which means that it is responsible for the effective implementation of the RELEX solution. 

As RELEX’S global strategic partner, Wysupp will support Titán’s team during the transition of using primarily manual process for forecasting and replenishment to modern supply chain planning with technology. Titán is the leading department store chain in Panama, and with RELEX solution implemented all nine stores, distribution center and the e-commerce channel will achieve a greater product availability, optimization of inventory levels and automate demand forecasting and replenishment

Titán purchases products from a broad network of suppliers, resulting in a wide variation in delivery times and most of the products are seasonal. Wysupp will work with RELEX’S automation capabilities to manage their increasingly complex demand forecasts and aid in the distribution of products at different points of sale and have great results such as increasing their efficiency using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As Samuel Assis, CEO of Titán said: “We want to provide the right product in the right place and in the optimal quantities so that our customers find what they are looking for at competitive prices” and Carlos Victoria added: “In a dynamic and complex environment with high levels of inflation impacting consumption and the efficiency of supply chains, it is necessary to have a solution that provides accurate demand forecasts. Thus, allowing a company to make the best decisions.”

Source RELEX Solutions Press Release
Wysupp is proud to be RELEX's global partner

20 April 2023