tegut... PROJECT

tegut... aims to minimize its food waste and upgrade its supply chain management.

Wysupp is PRIME in this project which means that is responsible for the effective implementation of the RELEX solution.

tegut... is a german grocery retailer from Fulda, Hesse, that partnered with RELEX Solutions to optimize its retail planning focused to combat its food waste. The project officially started in Jan. 2023. 

Wysupp is taking ownership in integrating the tegut…’s RELEX implementation in all stores and distribution centers (DCs) throughout Germany supporting shelf and space planning. Competera will collaborate alongside to provide a pricing solution. 

An important note on this retailer is that stores carry an assortment of over 23,000 items, of which more than 30% are organic. Regarding this implementation, tegut... will benefit from cost savings and major improvements with a system that will provide a combination of overviews on forecasting and replenishment and a pricing solution. 

The main goal with this project is tackling a retail planning automatic approach with end-to-end integrated systems. This will allow transparency, uniformization and synchronization in tegut...  supply chain processes.  

Wysupp is working towards delivering the RELEX solution aiming to break down silos
 and improve levels of efficiency. RELEX solution is understood as the right fit for this purpose as Michael Egerer said, Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Executive Board Member at tegut… gute Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG: “The RELEX platform corresponds exactly to our ideas and requirements for tomorrow’s holistic retail planning.”  

Based on RELEX Solutions Press Release
Wysupp is proud to be RELEX's global partner

3rd April 2023