Axionlog selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Automated Supply Chain Management.

Wysupp is PRIME in this project which means that it is responsible for the effective implementation of the RELEX solution. 

Axionlog is a retailer from the food sector that is planning to upscale the accuracy and efficiency of their demand forecasting and replenishment processes using Relex Solutions. Axionlog operates in 16 territories across North and South America with over 60 clients, including the main fast-food chains in the region.

For a better use of resources, Axionlog  is counting on the help of Wysupp to implement a solution that can ensure availability within its 30 distributions centers. There is a particular interest in ensuring the availability and freshness of the products. The solution includes optimizing the inventory, as well as reducing waste and other associated costs. 


Gonzalo Sánchez de Bustamante, Procurement Manager at Axionlog reflects on their decision for RELEX: “... we chose RELEX because they are the most advanced solution offering accurate forecasting. When evaluating solutions, it was clear that RELEX is very innovative and highly configurable to the needs of our business."

Wysupp is looking forward to being a partner for supporting Axionlog to change their planning processes to be more automated.

Source Business Wire
Wysupp is proud to be RELEX's global partner

19 May 2023